Friday, October 30, 2020

Cannabis Education Is Key

KCBS Radio 74.0 am/106.9 fm reports on Thursday new cannabis users are turning to cannabis for relief as per the research study conducted by BDS Analytics. Ordinary people, your neighbor, co-worker and friend are giving up alcohol and addictive opioids to cope with our current national and worldwide crisis. When visiting a legal retail cannabis dispensary they arrive armed with much curiosity and a lot of honest questions. They know their purchased product is clean and tested for pesticides, free of inorganic additives and bugs.

America has a long history with pills and self-medication.  Just look at all the TV ads today if you are in doubt. Remember Coca-Cola's history at the turn of the 20th century produced with a mild cocaine additive?  When you visit your doctor's office with a dull pain or bad cold, you ask your medical professional for a quick fix, a magic elixir, a pill. Our collective "gate-way" drug is aspirin. Your momma gave it to you when you were 5 years old with Johnson & Johnson's orange flavored chewables and it tasted good. We were indoctrinated very early into managing our own needs for sleep management for the elderly, pain management for the sick, the daily stresses of work, family, children and yes sometimes a desire for recreation. Under Covid-19 we learned if you ban it, they will come.  Haircuts were banned and folks were seeking out underground salon services.

Cannabis is a drug, no doubt about that.  We have 80 years of history with alcohol and the past angst is a mere fog in the rearview mirror. Alcohol and its uses are off everyone's radar, and you cannot have a brunch gathering today without a pitcher of Mimosa's at the ready.  Cannabis is legal, regulate, educate, and de-schedule. With proper education let adults be adults and move on.  2020 has shown us there are much larger problems that affect our future than a little plant.  And oh yes lest we forget, alcohol is derived from plant products.