Friday, October 23, 2020



The biggest brick wall in the cannabis industry is the federal government. Upon its de-scheduling out of category 1 drug the doors would open for legal cannabis businesses their necessary access to banking thereby a greater ability to track the money. Our legal cannabis businesses want this.  It makes their financial world so much more efficient to run. Simpler record keeping and managing expenses, bill pay and payroll, access to real capital. What better way to help a very lucrative tax revenue stream for cities and stamp out the illegal cannabis marketplace, reduce crime and eliminate the ingestion of untested product into our bodies.

40 of 57 California county residents voted YES for Proposition 64, Adult Use of marijuana Act in 2016. 34 states in the US currently have some form of legal cannabis policy on their books and another handful of states with measures on the 2020 election ballot this November all in just a few short years.

It has been 40+ years since we have seen the birth of a new and exciting industry that the people want and voted for. In fact there are more cannabis industry employees working today in the US than there are computer programmers.  BTW, medical only cannabis licenses is a non-starter.  In Santa Clara County with a population of over 1,900,000 residents has on its books only 200 active medical cards issued.

Do a little homework, this November 3, #VoteCannabisCandidates. You can begin with the following candidates who have already shown their dedication, support and loyalty to the legal cannabis industry in California:  Ro Khanna for Congress, Ash Kalra for Assembly, and Rob Bonta for Assembly.