Thursday, March 4, 2021

Lobbyist Slams San Jose Over Delays On Cannabis Land-Use

Photo by Ryland Zweigel, via Shutterstock

San Jose dispensaries pay a combined $2.3 million a year in  fees to the city. Why are dispensaries paying fees for work that has been not completed or delayed? The city either needs to get the work done or to cut reimbursement checks to these dispensaries.

San Jose Inside News:

In case you missed it, here is the transcript of Sean Kali-rai's one-minute public comment at the special San Jose Council Priority Setting meeting on February 25:

"Good afternoon Mayor and Council. I am Sean Kali-rai Founder of Silicon Valley Cannabis Alliance and Jackson and Main.  Unfortunately I am not going to make very nice comments.  I apologize, but I am completely displeased, and that's an understatement. Surprised? Not at all!  Cannabis has always been treated like a second-class citizen.  We spent $400,000 and put this initiative on the ballot to actually end up getting legalization, something that the voters voted for.  And now here we are again getting harassed by the City Manager's office where we pulled it out of and put it into the police department and now we're back in the city manager's office dealing with these same situations that we tried to pull away from when we moved it to the police department.  The Priority that I would like to have passed is that cannabis never become a priority again and just be treated like Google and Apple.  Thank you."