Monday, December 13, 2021

Passionate Tolerance

Amsterdam has a long standing tolerance and acceptance of adult use of Marijuana. Perhaps one wonders what a city and its environs look like? Is it hidden, is it seedy, is it controlled and regulated?
Famed European traveler Rick Steves shows us in a 2+ minute video his visit to a Marijuana Coffee shop and the social and political view of this industry among its people and government. Steves is also the Chairperson of NORML Board of Directors.
Cannabis as we prefer to refer to it, is classified as a "low-level drug" in Amsterdam much in the same use and regulation as alcohol and cigarettes. The population considers themselves as "passionately tolerant" of personal choices and freedoms, and choose not to lock up their citizens and fill the jails for their social activities, no different than a glass of wine after work.

Watch Steves' video excerpt below from his Amsterdam visit in 2015, California passed Proposition 64 "Adult Use of Cannabis" in 2016. The video is only 2 minutes and 44 seconds in length.